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 Author  Thread: Custom created records not sending to remotes
David Nunnally
Posts: 206
Custom created records not sending to remotesYour last visit to this thread was on 1/1/1970 12:00:00 AM
Posted: 20 Apr 15 10:46 AM

This is driving me insane!Yell I have a C# .NET 4 windows service that is creating an Opportunity (Opportunity, Opportunity_Contact and Opportunity_Product tables) and an Activity (phone call in Activity/User_Activity tables) for the Opp leader but nothing is syncing out to the remotes. I despartely need another set or ten eyes to see what I am doing wrong. Everything looks and works great on the host database. I see no errors of any kind.

Firstly I am using the provider and this is my connection string.

Provider=SLXOLEDB.1;User ID=xxxassword=xxxersist Security Info=True;Initial Catalog=SLXDEV;Data Source=MYDEVSRVR;Extended Properties="PORT=1706;LOG=ON;CASEINSENSITIVEFIND=ON;AUTOINCBATCHSIZE=1;SVRCERT=;"

I started out not specifying the create date/user and modify date/user and letting it auto pop those. Now I am storing the user and date using OleDb.OleDbType.DBTimeStamp in the format 20150420 08:33:00 but no change. I see work group logs created for the inserted records but they never make it to the user. I also see WhatsNew entries in the WGLogs.

Example of WG Log:

(Blob size : 2827)

Activity Related
Activity Users = |U9ESFA000043|
Table Name = ACTIVITY
Param0 = (varString) V9ESFA000EOO
Param1 = (varString) 262146
Param2 = (varString) AFRI9A000DDS
Param3 = (varString)            
Param4 = (varString) O9ESFA0003AN
Param5 = (varString) Graymont Materials (NY) Inc.
Param6 = (varOleStr)
Param7 = (varString) Maintenance Renewal 0000052997
Param8 = (varOleStr)
Param9 = (varString) High
Param10 = (varString) Maintenance Renewal
Param11 = (varDouble) 42114.0000578704
Param12 = (varString) 15
Param13 = (varString) Maintenance Renewal F/U Call
Param14 = (varString) F
Param15 = (varDouble) 42113.9896412037
Param16 = (varString) F
Param17 = (varString) T
Param18 = (varString) F
Param19 = (varString) U9ESFA000043
Param20 = (varDouble) 42114.0000578704
Param21 = (varString) ADMIN
Param22 = (varDouble) 42114.6250694444
Param23 = (varString) ADMIN
Param24 = (varDouble) 42114.6250694444




(Blob size : 886)

Activity Related
Activity Users = |U9ESFA000043|
Param0 = (varString) V9ESFA000EOO
Param1 = (varString) U9ESFA000043
Param2 = (varString) T
Param3 = (varString) ADMIN
Param4 = (varDouble) 42114.6250694444
Param5 = (varString) ADMIN
Param6 = (varDouble) 42114.6250694444




Any suggestions on how I can further troubleshoot this issue and point out what I am doing wring?



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