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How to Filter a SalesLogix Crystal Report by ID at Runtime
This article describes how to call provide a Crystal Reports parameter to a report at runtime via a script. This example details how to feed the current OpportunityID to a report when a button is clicked.
Author: Mark R. Bailey - 6/6/2007 - Rated: 4.5/5 by 28 users

How to Add a Custom Column to the Manage Products Grid
This article discusses how to add a custom column to the SalesLogix Manage Products datagrid. This out of the box area is difficult to customize. Following the steps outlined in this article will help you make an easy task of customizing this area.
Author: Mark Mazzitello - 4/26/2007 - Rated: 5.0/5 by 6 users

How to Launch a Contact Process via Script
This article describes the steps to launch a contact process programatically. Sample scripts in both VBScript and legacy basic are included.
Author: Walter Shpuntoff - 8/29/2006 - Rated: 4.8/5 by 5 users

How to Push out "Pass Through" SQL to Remotes
Ever wish there was an easier way to get views created in Remotes? Looking to push out a non-SLXOLEDB compliant Transact SQL statement? This article details a VBScript function to do just this.
Author: Gene Underwood - 11/24/2005 - Rated: 5.0/5 by 3 users

How to update Data with Updateable RecordSets
In SalesLogix scripting you have the ability to take advantage of ADO Recordsets for updating data. This is a far better route than building SQL statements to perform inserts or updates of data. This article examines using updatable Recordsets to add and update SalesLogix data.
Author: Kris Halsrud - 10/27/2005 - Rated: 5.0/5 by 10 users

How to use COALESCE with SalesLogix Queries
Eugenio takes a look at how to use COALESCE in your SalesLogix queries to make the task of building name strings from multiple fields without the need for checking for NULLs.
Author: Eugenio Gil - 9/5/2005 - Rated: 5.0/5 by 6 users

How to Save & Read Images in a SalesLogix Database
Using a connection via the SalesLogix OLE DB provider you are able to save files or images in a SalesLogix database. The provider ensures that these saved files or images will synchonize to remote users once saved in the database. This article will look at writing image files to an account table to store a logo image for each account as well as read the image from the database to display on the account detail screen.
Author: Ryan Farley - 5/18/2005 - Rated: 5.0/5 by 7 users

How to Use Common Dialogs in SalesLogix
There are many scenarios when doing SalesLogix customizations where you might need to make use of a common dialog, such as the "Open File" or "Save File" dialogs. There are a few different options when it comes to using common dialogs in a SalesLogix environment, some better than others. The purpose of this article is to examine each option and discuss the pros and cons of each.
Author: Ryan Farley - 5/18/2005 - Rated: 5.0/5 by 5 users

How to generically invoke the edit form for a SalesLogix datagrid
Many people miss the older (pre version 6) behavior of SalesLogix grid's where the user could double-click on a row to invoke the grid's edit form. The new datagrids to not behave this way because of the new support for inline editing and activating the clicked cell instead of doing something like invoking the edit form. However this is easy enough to change and handle with a generic script that can be included when ever you need this functionality.
Author: Ryan Farley - 3/23/2004 - Rated: 5.0/5 by 12 users

How To: Set Mouse Cursor in Legacy Views
So, have you ever wanted to change the cursor to an HourGlass during a long running process in order to provide better feedback to the user? SalesLogix v6.1.1 has this feature for new ActiveX Forms and Controls, but there is not a feature like this for Legacy Views. This article outlines the code needed to do just this.
Author: Todd Hardin - 1/13/2004 - Rated: 5.0/5 by 3 users

How to Create a View in a SalesLogix Database that Points a Table in a Different Database on a Different Server
This article shows you how to create a view in your SalesLogix database that looks and acts like a normal SalesLogix table from within SalesLogix applications, but is actually accessing data on another server.
Author: David Nelson - 6/13/2003 - Rated: 5.0/5 by 5 users

How To Retrieve a Record Count From an ADO Recordset
It is often necessary to retrieve a record count from an ADO Recordset. Although the Recordset object has a built in RecordCount property, there are some special requirements needed in order to use it. This article explores these requirements as well as a better alternative to counting the records in a Recordset.
Author: Ryan Farley - 1/14/2003 - Rated: 5.0/5 by 13 users

How To Update Controls Across Forms
SalesLogix v6 has a great new Forms collection exposed in the Application object. This new collection will solve many problems associated with updating controls across forms. This article will focus on using the Forms collection to do just that.
Author: Ryan Farley - 1/8/2003 - Rated: 5.0/5 by 14 users

How to Connect to External Data Using ADO
Welcome to the wonderful world of ADO. With SalesLogix v6, ADO is the new standard for accessing data. Whether you're accessing data from SalesLogix, or from another data source, ADO is the technology you'll use inside of a SalesLogix VBScript. This article will focus on the aspect of accessing external data using ADO. We'll look at three different examples using Access, Excel, and CSV files.
Author: Ryan Farley - 11/27/2002 - Rated: 4.9/5 by 13 users


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