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SalesLogix VBScript Articles  

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Customizing Group Panes/List Views/F8 Queries
We’ve talked about being able to ‘do stuff’ based on a user selection of the Groups, or the group itself.
Author: RJ Samp - 10/15/2009 - Rated: 4.5/5 by 19 users

Integrating SalesLogix Leads with LinkedIn
Social networks have become a big part of today's online landscape. This is true for professionals as well. LinkedIn is a social network that allows professionals to find out more and interact with others whose needs or services align with themselves. This article will show how we can integrate this resource with leads in SalesLogix to show our SalesLogix users as much information about our leads as possible and will provide a complete sample for integrating LinkedIn with SalesLogix leads.
Author: Ryan Farley - 6/19/2007 - Rated: 4.6/5 by 24 users

Using FileSystemObject to Create a vCard File
In this article Thomas Außem shows how to easily create vCard files for SalesLogix contacts. Thomas not only demonstrates how to create vCard files, but also shows an excellent example of how to create and write to text files using the FileSystemObject.
Author: Thomas Aussem - 11/24/2005 - Rated: 5.0/5 by 3 users

E-mail Address Validation
In this article Thomas Aussem shows how to validate e-mail addresses in SalesLogix using VBScript and Regular Expressions. This article is a great source to get you up to speed on taking advantage of expressions to do data validation in the SalesLogix client.
Author: Thomas Aussem - 10/31/2005 - Rated: 5.0/5 by 8 users

Integrating MindManager With SalesLogix
MindManager software allows you to quickly organize data for several uses. Whether to simply display organized data from SalesLogix, or to output action items for an account/contact in SalesLogix to a MindManager document, the possibilities open the door for some quick integration with a great program.
Author: Ryan Farley - 6/16/2005 - Rated: 5.0/5 by 11 users

Using Code Templates in Saleslogix 6.x to Develop Class Objects
How many countless hours have you spent writing nearly the same code, over and over again. How often have you replicated nearly identical code to perform nearly the same operation to different part of the system? Well, those days may just be over! This document will describe how you can shave hours in not days of development time by utilizing code templates. This article will introduce you to a powerful tool called CodeSmith.
Author: Scott Mercill - 7/22/2004 - Rated: 5.0/5 by 3 users

Using the SalesLogix Mail Client to Send E-mail
This article outlines how you can utilize the SalesLogix Mail Client to send e-mail from SalesLogix VBScripts. Learn to create code to send an email to any mail server supported by the SalesLogix Mail Client. This includes MAPI, Extended MAPI, VIM, SMTP, etc
Author: Stephen Redmond - 6/14/2003 - Rated: 4.5/5 by 8 users

Creating a New SalesLogix (v6) Table ID
If you've been using SalesLogix version 6 at all, you've grown to love all the new features. But what about some of the simple tasks that have changed? This article will demonstrate how to create a new SalesLogix ID using the new SLX_DBIDS procedure.
Author: Ryan Farley - 11/15/2002 - Rated: 5.0/5 by 15 users

Using Classes in VBScript
SalesLogix v6 opens up a whole new door for SalesLogix developers. Now, with VBScript, you have in your arsenal a new set of tools with the ability to use all that VBScript has to offer - all from inside of SalesLogix. One of the best new things we can now use (in my opinion) is using classes in scripts. This article will cover how to use classes in VBScript for making some routine tasks easier to use and more reusable.
Author: Ryan Farley - 11/14/2002 - Rated: 4.9/5 by 19 users


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