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ASP & ASP.NET Development  

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Customizing SalesLogix with ASP.NET Applications
In this article Stephen Redmond shares an extract from DevLogix 3rd Edition covering developing for SalesLogix using ASP.NET. Stephen touches on leveraging ASP.NET for both the SalesLogix Web and LAN clients.
Author: Stephen Redmond - 10/7/2005 - Rated: 4.6/5 by 5 users

Consuming SalesLogix Data via RSS
Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you've most likely caught wind of all the buzz around blogs (weblogs) and the power behind the weblog known as RSS. RSS is a syndication format that allows you to deliver information via and XML-based channel and can be consumed in many different ways on any system. This article will examine how to create an RSS feed for new opportunity data that SalesLogix users can subscribe to to be notified of new opportunities.
Author: Ryan Farley - 4/8/2004 - Rated: 5.0/5 by 6 users


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