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Script to Determine the Versions of Installed SalesLogix Program Files
This utility script will create a file on the desktop named SlxVersions.txt that lists the version numbers for all DLL, OCX, and EXE files in the SalesLogix Installation directory.
Author: Bob (RJ)Ledger - 4/25/2007 - Rated: 5.0/5 by 2 users

SQL Profile Template
This SQL Profiler template will properly configure Profiler to perform a SQL trace on a SalesLogix database.
Author: Timmus Agersea - 8/25/2006 - Rated: 5.0/5 by 1 users

E1 User Audit
The E1 User Audit utility will allow you to track the last 5 login dates and times for all of your SalesLogix users, including remotes. This utility can be accessed from within SalesLogix via the menu 'Tools', 'Manage', 'User Audit'. It includes the ability to quickly find a specific user and even export the list to Excel!
Author: Mike Spragg - 3/15/2006 - Rated: 5.0/5 by 12 users

The SalesLogix URL Link & Source Code
Compiled utility and source Code for the article "The SalesLogix URL Link". This source is in C# and demonstrates how to use SalesLogix COM to move to a record in SalesLogix from an external app.
Author: Ryan Farley - 3/10/2006 - Rated: 5.0/5 by 3 users

E1 User Groups
The E1 User Groups module provides a simple interface for analysing the groups available to individual users. It will list all the groups a user has access to, either by ownership, direct access or access via a team or department, List groups by Account/Contact/Opportunity families, Output results to excel for further analysis.
Author: Declan Hillier - 9/16/2005 - Rated: 5.0/5 by 5 users

MindManager Map for SalesLogix 6.2
A MindManager map to use with SalesLogix 6.2. This map is useful when planning upgrades, documenting customizations, or for simply having an easy to read list of what plugins are new forms, legacy, or hard-coded.
Author: Bob (RJ)Ledger - 8/2/2005 - Rated: 5.0/5 by 1 users

Quick DB Setup - Quickly setup new SalesLogix Databases
Does anyone else get sick of the hoops you have to jump through to get an unattached slx database mdf or backup file to the state where it can actually be logged into by a sales client? Well I sure was, so I built this nifty utility.
Author: Nathan Baulch - 2/20/2004 - Rated: 5.0/5 by 9 users

Service Install/Remover Utility
This utility was released by Microsoft as part of the Windows 2000 Resource Kit. An awesome tool that let's you install services and even better remove services easily on the local machine - or even remotely on another machine. Wizard based and a real time saver!
Author: Ryan Farley - 1/12/2004 - Rated: 5.0/5 by 4 users

DataLink Designer
This utility provides you with a quick and easy way to create connection strings for use with ADO or ADO.NET. It minimizes to the system tray for easy access. I use this often while developing to be able to quickly create a connection string and insert it into my code.
Author: Ryan Farley - 2/4/2003 - Rated: 5.0/5 by 6 users

Interbase Installer
I realize that Interbase is about dead in the SalesLogix world, but I thought I would share this for who ever still may use it. The Interbase Installer will automate setting up Interbase databases. The 'gdb' file extension will be associated with the Interbase Installer, then to set up an Interbase database, all you need to do is double-click on a gdb file and fill in the details. It will then create the BDE Alias for you.
Author: Ryan Farley - 12/5/2002 - Rated: 5.0/5 by 2 users

Remote Database Zipper
The Remote Database Zipper will allow you to zip several remote databases (MSDE or Interbase) and easily zip them all up at once. At times, when cutting remote databases, you might need to zip up all the remote databases so you can fit them all on a CD, etc. This utility will do that for you. Instead of using something like Winzip to zip each one individually, use this tool to do it to all databases in a directory.
Author: Ryan Farley - 12/5/2002 - Rated: 5.0/5 by 4 users

Register Server Setup
Run this utility only once to setup the right-click context menus for DLLs & OCX files to allow easy registration of COM DLLs or ActiveX controls. After running this setup, you will be able to register, or unregister, any DLL or OCX by simply right-clicking on them.
Author: Ryan Farley - 12/5/2002 - Rated: 5.0/5 by 5 users

dBase Table Splitter
This utility allows you to split a dBase table with several fields down into smaller tables. Some applications that use the BDE dbi APIs, Codebase, or other dBase engines, will allow a dBase table to contain more than 255 fields. This causes a problem when trying to read the table from applications that use BDE via a Delphi layer, the Microsoft dBase Driver, or even via your own application using ADO.
Author: Ryan Farley - 12/4/2002 - Rated: 5.0/5 by 3 users

SalesLogix GroupFinder
This utility provides a quick way to view the SQL that makes up the current group in the SalesLogix Sales Client, navigate through the group, and most importantly, export the group to one of several different formats.
Author: Ryan Farley - 12/4/2002 - Rated: 4.9/5 by 7 users

QuickXporter - Quick Data Export Utility
QuickXporter is a data export utility that allows data to be exported in a quick and easy manner. There are several export formats available such as Excel, Word, HTML, CSV, and more.
Author: Ryan Farley - 12/3/2002 - Rated: 5.0/5 by 3 users

Database Document Generator
This utility will output the schema information for a database to an Excel workbook. You can use this for documenting database tables, printing out schema to make imports easier, etc. The output includes all details about fields on the selected tables and prints out nice. The utility allows you to select from the available ODBC DSNs for the data source. Works with version 6 and also v5 and prior. (Updated!)
Author: Ryan Farley - 12/3/2002 - Rated: 5.0/5 by 10 users

SalesLogix Picklister (Updated for version 6)
This utility will allow you to export the SalesLogix picklists of your choice to an Excel workbook. You can use this to print out the SalesLogix picklist values in a pretty format or give to a customer for modifications or approval. (Updated for version 6)
Author: Ryan Farley - 12/3/2002 - Rated: 5.0/5 by 7 users

Reset Admin Password Utility (v5 & Prior)
Utility to reset the SalesLogix Administrator user's password (ie: set as blank)
Author: Ryan Farley - 11/4/2002 - Rated: 5.0/5 by 6 users


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