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 Author  Thread: Invoking the SLXApplicationClass from VB.NET
Chris Fleetwood
Posts: 35
Invoking the SLXApplicationClass from VB.NETYour last visit to this thread was on 1/1/1970 12:00:00 AM
Posted: 20 Aug 08 11:41 AM
I am currently involved in a VB.NET project in which we are attempting to externally execute a number of SLX processes. To that end, I am trying to instantiate the SLXApplicationClass from VB.NET in order to be able to execute several Saleslogix script/plugin. The problem I am encountering is that when I attempt to instantiate the class in VB.NET, the Saleslogix login form appears, waiting for input.

I realize that this approach works fine if the SLX Client is already up and running. However, I would prefer not to have to keep an instance of the client up constantly (which would be a dependency to maintain from the process side). Instead, I would like to instantiate the application, invoke/run whatever scripts/plugins are needed, and log out of the application automatically without requiring user input.

To accomplish this would require being able to specify the login information for the application instance before actually creating it. The SLXApplication class does not appear to allow update of the connection parameters.

I realize that there is an additional SLXApplicationClass2 class which does expose the ConnectionString, but cannot be instantiated (grrr).

Does anyone been able to get around this issue or have any suggestions on how to proceed further? If I am unable to access the scripts I need in Saleslogix, then it will require the duplication of a large amount of code in VB.NET of our customized Saleslogix code that will have to be maintained in tandem. I would prefer to keep all of our business rules in one place.

Or is having the client up and running indefinitely my only avenue? Any suggestions and/or insights would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Chris Fleetwood
Sr. Applications Developer
Global Knowledge LLC

SLX Version: 6.2.3
VB.NET version: 2003
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