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 Author  Thread: SLX8/SData: Unable to call custom Business Rule per SData
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SLX8/SData: Unable to call custom Business Rule per SDataYour last visit to this thread was on 1/1/1970 12:00:00 AM
Posted: 13 Aug 14 5:42 AM


could someone please help me to solve the following problem, which i´ve at the moment: First of all i create a web service for the purpose of updating and then merging duplicates of given account per SData. Updating works fine. Merging duplicates of given account causes unknowable exception and frustrated me a lot Innocent I try to call the custom business rule like this:         

            bool retVal = false;
            string OpName = "MergeAccounts";
            string DuplicateIds = string.Join(",", SubsequentDuplicateIds);

                SDataServiceOperationRequest sreq = new SDataServiceOperationRequest(SDataServant)
                    ResourceKind = SDataResourceKind.Accounts,
                    OperationName = OpName

                sreq.Entry = new AtomEntry();

                    new SDataPayload
                        ResourceName = "Account" + sreq.OperationName,
                        Namespace = "http://schemas.sage.com/dynamic/2007",
                        Values =
                            {"request",new SDataPayload
                                    Values =
                                        {"AccountID", headerAccountId},
                                        {"EntityIDs", DuplicateIds}

                AtomEntry result = sreq.Create();
                var res = (SDataPayload)result.GetSDataPayload().Values["response"];
                retVal = res.Values["Result"].ToString().ToLower().Equals("true");

The custom business rule:               

                using (ISession session = new Sage.Platform.Orm.SessionScopeWrapper(true))
                        string[] DuplicateIDs = EntityIDs.Split(new char[] { ',' });
                        Type mergeType = typeof(Sage.Entity.Interfaces.IAccount);
                        //bool success = false;

                        if (DuplicateIDs != null)
                            foreach (string sourceEntityId in DuplicateIDs)
                                MergeArguments SessionMergeArguments = new MergeArguments();
                                SessionMergeArguments.SourceEntityId = sourceEntityId;
                                SessionMergeArguments.SourceEntityType = mergeType;
                                SessionMergeArguments.TargetEntityId = AccountID;
                                SessionMergeArguments.TargetEntityType = mergeType;
                                SessionMergeArguments.MergeProviderType = mergeType;

                                MergeProvider sessionMergeProvider =
                                sessionMergeProvider.RecordOverwrite = MergeOverwrite.targetWins;

                                IAccount myaccount = (IAccount)SessionMergeArguments.MergeProvider.Target.EntityData;

                                if (myaccount.MergeAccount(SessionMergeArguments.MergeProvider))
                                    string entityId = SessionMergeArguments.MergeProvider.Source.EntityId;
                                    IPersistentEntity duplicateAccount =
                                        Sage.Platform.EntityFactory.GetById(mergeType, entityId) as IPersistentEntity;

                                    result = "Success";
                    catch (ApplicationException e)
                        result = e.Message;

The problem will be caused of (MergeProvider)MergeArguments.GetMergeProvider(SessionMergeArguments) - the system gives the Result "Error getting merge configuration." back. I dont know why and dont know how to help me now. Testing the method MergeAccounts(IAccount account, string AccountID, string EntityIDs, string out result) in SLX-Context does not cause problem, i.e. creating a button binding to the (custom) business rule on click action.

It would be very nice when someone of you could tell me, what i have implemented wrongly. Thanks a lot for your help in adv!


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