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Forum to discuss SQL Server or Oracle database administration related to SalesLogix databases. View the code of conduct for posting guidelines.
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Mass updating Zip CodesPaula Shuler2183716 Oct 15 12:46 PM
Paula Shuler 
Numeric DB Value not recognized?Marty051206405 Mar 14 9:49 AM
Sysdba UserMarty050179224 Feb 14 4:39 AM
Copy data from Production back to Dev database - ad hocDan Zsiga0219331 Dec 13 6:00 AM
Dan Zsiga 
Will SLX6.2.1 work with SQL Server 2008 R2?Marty8190808 Nov 13 11:44 AM
Mike Spragg 
Internal Query Processor ErrorVaughn Poulson0175126 Sep 13 3:04 PM
Vaughn Poulson 
Error when creating new leadsBryan Holmstrom2217915 Jul 13 12:53 PM
Bryan Holmstrom 
SQL Server 2005, 7.5.4 LAN, Database login failed: unspecified error.Karna Taneja4532927 Feb 13 2:57 AM
Mike Spragg 
Oracle Provider not available in Connection ManagerMarcos Orfila0197009 Jan 13 4:20 PM
Marcos Orfila 
Purge From History TableYup.8222909 Nov 12 1:47 PM
Create SLX connection using "Shared Memory" ProtocolGuy Barrett0192109 Aug 12 7:28 AM
Guy Barrett 
The table is no longer in this database.Thomas Aussem6205127 Mar 12 7:53 AM
Thomas Aussem 
Delete all ad-hoc groups for Accounts and ContactsMarcos Orfila4180126 Jan 12 2:44 PM
John Paul Welther 
Oracle 11g R2 and Port 1521Thomas Aussem1204119 Jan 12 7:03 AM
Jose Urena 
Programatically "touch" Connection ManagerTed Sturr3299518 Oct 11 8:23 AM
Upgrade SQL From 2005 to 2008 R2 - User Defined Data Type Error?Cory Haibloom2205612 Oct 11 12:43 PM
Cory Haibloom 
Recommendation for custom fieldsCPB9242601 Aug 11 10:04 AM
alter columnGalina2205418 Jun 11 5:45 AM
RJ Samp 
1 custom remote database table contains no dataDerek1197423 Apr 11 10:04 AM
RJ Samp 
Archiving..?Libin1205024 Mar 11 4:24 AM
Adam Travers 
mergie duplicates for custom tableGalina1199304 Feb 11 3:10 PM
RJ Samp 
SQL Update Statement HelpBailey11191004 Feb 11 3:06 PM
RJ Samp 
Moving to Server 2008 R2 64-bit and SQL Server 2008 R2 64-bitJohn Gundrum6229605 Jan 11 2:58 PM
Mike Spragg 
CREATE TRIGGER on sysdba.CONTACTGiancarlo Villanueva2166703 Nov 10 10:44 AM
Giancarlo Villanueva 
SLX 7.2 on SQL 2005 -> SLX 7.5 on SQL 2008Cory Haibloom5270805 Sep 10 6:38 AM
Phil Parkin 
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