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 Author  Thread: Archiving..?
Posts: 38
Archiving..?Your last visit to this thread was on 1/1/1970 12:00:00 AM
Posted: 24 Mar 11 1:53 AM


Is there any kind of archiving within the saleslogix application? Is there any method to archive the old data/accounts, is any such kinda functionality available within Saleslogix application... I'm talkinga bout SLX 6.2 here..!!

Adam Travers
Posts: 113
Re: Archiving..?Your last visit to this thread was on 1/1/1970 12:00:00 AM
Posted: 24 Mar 11 4:24 AM


You can create a team called archive and only allow the Administrator access to it. Then, instead of deleting Accounts you can move them to the Archive team by either running a mass update through Tools | Realign Territories

Moving forward, you can also add an Archive value to the Account Status pick list and then run a mass update on a weekly schedule.

We have also implemented an Acrhive button for one our customers which only the SLX admin users have access to Archive the data on an ad-hoc using basis using the below script:

Sub Button1Click(Sender)

If MsgBox (Application.Translator.Localize("You are about to archive this account (and contacts)") & vbCRLF & "It will not be deleted, and can be recovered if required." & vbCRLF & vbCRLF & _
       Application.Translator.Localize("Are you sure you want to do this - as you will lose access to it!"), vbYESNO + vbExclamation + vbDefaultButton2, Application.Translator.Localize("Warning")) = vbNO Then
              exit sub
    End If

    Dim strSQL, objAcc, AccID
    AccID = Application.BasicFunctions.CurrentAccountID

    ' Modify SeccodeID to "hide" the contact - sets it to the team "Archive"

    strSQL = "update account set seccodeid = 'FDEMOA00000Q', UserField10 = 'Archived' where accountid = '" & AccID & "'"

    Set objAcc = Application.GetNewConnection
    objAcc.Execute strSQL,,adExecuteNoRecords
    If ErrorCheck(Application.Translator.Localize("Error updating (Account) information:")) > 0 Then exit sub

    Set objCon = Nothing

End Sub

Sub CanDelete

btnArchive.Enabled = False

    Select Case Application.BasicFunctions.CurrentUserID
        Case "UDEMOA00000I" ' Lee Hogan
            btnArchive.Enabled = True
        Case "ADMIN"
            btnArchive.Enabled = True
    End Select

End Sub

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