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Forum to discuss writing script in Architect plugins for SalesLogix & general SalesLogix customization topics (for Windows client only). View the code of conduct for posting guidelines.
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Lookup Control, displaying and searchingPaula Shuler3153614 Jan 16 9:02 PM
Jin San Son 
LAN Architect Format String - Currency without DecimalsPaul Roussell2148114 Jan 16 4:47 PM
Paul Roussell 
Purchase LicensingPaula Shuler3132306 Jan 16 1:23 PM
Brian Segers 
Displaying a Memo data type in a gridBill5144329 Dec 15 5:55 AM
Activity Mouse Over Details - editable?Paula Shuler2130205 Nov 15 11:22 AM
Paula Shuler 
No negative percentages?Conrad0105029 Oct 15 1:55 PM
Disable "Complete Meeting"Paula Shuler0105926 Oct 15 6:09 PM
Paula Shuler 
'Validation Error' on setting required pick list valueConrad0103122 Oct 15 2:42 PM
History table create date field changes on modifyng the NotesSathish0115120 Oct 15 2:38 AM
Hide edit field to everyone but three peoplePaula Shuler6161919 Oct 15 1:46 PM
Brian Segers 
Datagrid Color based on Contact StatusPaula Shuler4146107 Oct 15 5:46 PM
Paula Shuler 
ERROR: Dataset does not support bookmarks, which are required for multi-record data controlsNick1128407 Oct 15 7:15 AM
How to call webservice from lan clientManikanda4178101 Oct 15 9:52 AM
Date IssueMatthew Rose3141401 Oct 15 8:17 AM
Lee Harris 
Confusion of OnBeforeInsert and OnAfterInsertTey Eng Yao0131928 Sep 15 9:57 PM
Tey Eng Yao 
Sendkeys in a legacy code - 64bit machineLCF0144623 Sep 15 6:51 AM
How to get a reference to the record selected in a list view of a group Ram Sundaresan6173722 Sep 15 6:41 PM
Saleslogix 8.0 and Crystal, passing a condition and a parameterJeremy Wagner0149022 Sep 15 3:51 PM
Jeremy Wagner 
OK button is not being rendered when a Sage.Platform.Application.ValidationException is thrown from custom codeNG0146616 Sep 15 3:14 PM
SData feed performanceRich Wingerter5183820 Aug 15 5:48 PM
Ryan Farley 
How to find out if an Account is a parent of other Accounts using the Slx APING5154003 Aug 15 10:26 AM
How to set the number of records retrieved when opening a customer recordMichael Wilson2169201 Jun 15 6:22 AM
Michael Wilson 
lookup listed below modal formAlex0147828 May 15 9:51 AM
Allowed values for the Daylight Adjustment Key in Application.BasicFunctions Timezone stuffKevin Muething0163130 Apr 15 10:50 AM
Kevin Muething 
creating Management menu with Exhibitions button in 8.1 InfoCRM?Bogomil0147429 Apr 15 9:10 PM
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