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Forum to discuss SQL Server or Oracle database administration related to SalesLogix databases. View the code of conduct for posting guidelines.
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HELP PLEASE:- SLX 7.2 with SQL 2008 ExpressGareth Hall2154104 Sep 10 7:01 AM
Copy OpportunitiesJ. Estrella285325 Aug 10 11:17 AM
Raul A. Chavez 
Arrange TabsJ. Estrella192425 Aug 10 6:56 AM
Mike Spragg 
ProjectJ. Estrella2114024 Aug 10 8:33 AM
Phil Parkin 
How to set a user defined column as a primary key in a user defined table?Pankaj Phukane192629 Jun 10 10:27 AM
RJ Samp 
Moving SLX database from one drive to anotherJeff L3102120 May 10 5:01 AM
Phil Parkin 
Old Open DB Sessions ??Aaron Lowe095117 May 10 9:47 AM
Aaron Lowe 
Do I have to Upgrade SQL to 2005 before upgrading to 7.5Steve Margeson591920 Apr 10 10:41 AM
Oracle: Identifier is too long issueSameer0100315 Apr 10 11:27 PM
Copy Data from Production Server to Dev server (Oracle)Gary Jeffery098306 Apr 10 5:35 AM
Gary Jeffery 
Database Server Validation Failed on New Install Eval and Empty DatabasesTim Conway3131126 Mar 10 1:36 PM
Raul A. Chavez 
Running SQLAssembly with OLEDB provider ?Veronka Capone098024 Feb 10 3:23 PM
Veronka Capone 
Secrights table missing entriesMeena094709 Feb 10 8:39 AM
Database Creation CancelledLori2139611 Jan 10 10:42 AM
Martin Rudnick 
Oracle Denholm083505 Jan 10 11:30 AM
Alec Denholm 
SalesLogix Table Index problemALI2178028 Oct 09 5:08 AM
Mike Spragg 
Moving database from one SQL server to another.Jeff L3170212 Oct 09 1:35 PM
RJ Samp 
Removing Parent Child RelationshipsJames Jury284917 Sep 09 7:23 AM
Raul A. Chavez 
Database loginfailed :catastrophic FailureNagaratnaPandi3216820 Jul 09 4:54 AM
Raul A. Chavez 
upgrading from MSDE 2000 to SQL 2005 StandardMike B194419 Jun 09 11:23 AM
Brandon Dozier 
SQL Server Compatibility LevelChris Burriss093911 Jun 09 3:55 PM
Chris Burriss 
Remote Office Missing Sage User-Defined Data TypesJeff Weight293706 May 09 10:23 PM
Jeff Weight 
Detaching a remote databaseNatalie Mays299822 Apr 09 10:12 AM
Natalie Mays 
Simple Update on Execute SQL Never CompletesJoe9110327 Feb 09 8:12 AM
Moving DatabaseSankar2100321 Feb 09 7:35 PM
Robert Levine 
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