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 Administration Forums - Database Administration
Forum to discuss SQL Server or Oracle database administration related to SalesLogix databases. View the code of conduct for posting guidelines.
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Integrity CheckerStuart397418 Sep 06 8:35 AM
RJ Eaton 
Changing a userfield from string to a numberSLX_Novice778501 Sep 06 12:45 PM
Frank Chaffin 
DB manager crashing on loadSteve Knowles383328 Aug 06 1:05 PM
Jeremy Brayton 
SQL Profile TemplateTimmus Agersea390225 Aug 06 2:28 PM
Ryan Farley 
saleslogix_log file sizejclark2104422 Aug 06 7:47 AM
Email BlastBrandy Iskin4100307 Aug 06 8:48 AM
John Gundrum 
Synctabledefs Ian Fitzpatrick4102104 Jul 06 9:02 AM
Bob (RJ)Ledger 
Create Table ErrorIan Fitzpatrick493721 Jun 06 4:52 PM
Ian Fitzpatrick 
Execute SQL ProblemIan Fitzpatrick7106806 Jun 06 4:12 PM
Tim Montgomery 
sysdba passwordIan Fitzpatrick8103401 Jun 06 2:59 PM
Tim Montgomery 
Remote Database SecutityIan Fitzpatrick889425 May 06 2:24 PM
Ian Fitzpatrick 
Oracle 9i and SLX 6.2 SP3Steve Holt088317 May 06 8:38 AM
Steve Holt 
Backups the Easy WayGregor F. Anton286617 May 06 2:33 AM
Gerald Ian Nell 
Dont You Wish Management would get Facts right before issuing Instructions !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Steve Dyson7110808 May 06 8:34 AM
Steve Dyson 
Row Level Security HelpRob Bartram898805 May 06 3:29 PM
Rob Bartram 
Oracle 10g CompatabilityMartin Draper194127 Apr 06 8:29 PM
Custom Help FileJ. White2108524 Apr 06 1:45 PM
Jeremy Brayton 
SQL 2005Mike Mahoney6128924 Apr 06 1:36 PM
Ryan Farley 
SQL TriggersJohn Oberg4126504 Apr 06 9:18 AM
Martin Draper 
Reserved DB wordsRick Smith8127017 Mar 06 11:05 AM
Ryan Farley 
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