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Eugenio Gil
(SalesLogix Business Partner)
Castle CRM

My name is Eugenio Emilio Gil, I've been working with SalesLogix since 1999 (when I went to AZ for the administrator's training). At that time we were using SalesLogix 3.1.6 (Yes when the application CD case would show Pat's face!!!)

My BP was TCG in Argentina, I worked for them for 3 years having to learn (as probably all of us) from our own trials and errors.

After graduating from a technical high school as an Electromechanical Technician, my first Job was at Sullair Sudamericana (Arg) from 1992 to 1993, worked with Macintosh LCII programming in foxbase for mac and drawing air compressor parts with Minicad on Mac. At the time Windows 3.0 was just comming out, and the best CAD for PC was AutoCad 10 (which was quite auful and limmited compared to Mac). I also suffered the transition between Foxbase and FoxPro 2.0 (when MS acquired foxpro) - Clipper fans don;t say a word please!

After that I worked for a Company that manufactured Self Vending machines for Public Transports. I had to program some E2PROM and I also learned to program PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers, power inputs and outputs) in a language call "Ladder", because it actually looked like a ladder. By the time windows 3.11 was getting "reliable", I spend my days drawing parts for these vending machines with Minicad for Macs. I also interfaced MS Foxpro 2.5/2.6 for windows with the E2PROMS to acquire the data from the vending machines, and put it on the foxpro MIS system I had to develop. I had to travel to Europe (visiting Madrid, Barcelona, London, and Italy) to train myself in other product we were prospecting.

After that, I worked for an Accounting Software company, learning all the tricks in the accounting world, also with foxpro.

In 1996, I worked for Unisys Sudamericana (yes, when Unisys was still a respectable company!) that was my first contact with VB3 (the project I worked on also involved self vending machines, this time for the national postal service)

In 1997 I got a job in the largest Logistics company in Argentina, and learnt quite a lot of Logistics, Distribution, Ware house management, etc. I managed to create a full Logistics system with wireless data collectors with bar code reading in FPW, inventory, storing, picking, distribution, etc.

After graduating from School as a Bachelor in Computers Science, I got married, I came to the states, and worked for Harvest Solutions (BP in Mass), and currently I'm working for Castle CRM in NYC (remotelly, and doing some on-site installations, upgrades, trainings, etc)

I love/play Soccer (football for us 8^)), tennis, squash, ping pong and any raques sport. I read about lots of subjects, specially philosophy, mithologies, and religions. I'm a trekkie, a Star Wars fan, also any Science fiction stuff from guys such us Asimov, Niven, Clarke and others too.

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Comment: Re: How to use COALESCE with SalesLogix Queries
Thanks :)

Author: Eugenio Gil - 1/30/2006


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