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Craig Herder
(SalesLogix Business Partner)
Compudata, Inc.


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Comment: Re: Introduction to .NET in SalesLogix Version 7
Thanks Ryan,

I hear what you are saying. I just thought that perhaps there was a way to do it directly via the DNEM. I will look for some help on coding the assembly to call it. Any suggestions on where to look?


Author: Craig Herder - 3/30/2007

Comment: Re: Introduction to .NET in SalesLogix Version 7

Thanks for this article! It's very informative, and easy to understand... But I would like to ask you a related question.
If you are familiar with MAS500.... I've been told that the Business Insights Analyzer is just .NET control that runs off of
a Sequel view.... Do you, or does anyone else know what I would need to include or do to reference the BIA in the SalesLogix .NET extension manager, in order to run the BIA from within SalesLogix, on a workstation where the MAS500 Desktop is installed?


Author: Craig Herder - 3/30/2007

Comment: Re: How to Create a View in a SalesLogix Database that Points a Table in a Different Database on a Different Server

I would really be interested in knowing how to work this in 6.2. This provides a possible way of viewing realtime data from the backoffice, instead of waiting for a scheduled sync. I might possibly include this as part of a current project, so I would really appreciate it if someone has the workaround.


Author: Craig Herder - 11/10/2005


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