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Comment: Re: How to generically invoke the edit form for a SalesLogix datagrid
OK, Ok. Now that I've been publicly exposed as a dork, allow me to mitigate the damage by being the first one to point that fact out. Yes, ShowViewForRecord does in fact work with legacy views as well as new ones. I could've sworn I read in the doc that it was only for new forms, but I've looked again and it doesn't say that. The only consolation is that I'm not at the bottom of the geek pile - SalesLogix SDK support didn't suggest ShowViewForRecord as a solution, nor could they tell me why the PopupMenu wasn't loading...

Author: Robert F. Guiher - 11/15/2005

Comment: Re: How to generically invoke the edit form for a SalesLogix datagrid
Has anyone found any SalesLogix documentation on the properties and methods available for the various objects? You can see the options in the object browser simply enough, but it'd sure be nice to see what they're all supposed to do.

This article was great. In fact, after looking at the complete garbage contained in many of the SalesLogix forms it makes me wonder whether Best should just fire their internal development staff and hire their business partners to create future versions.

But that aside, I'm trying to get the grid to fire the edit view and do an add for me. Why would I do a silly thing like that you ask? Because we're moving from 5.2 and trying not to recode every bloody customized form all at once. The ActiveX grid control is quite capable of working properly with a legacy form set to it's edit view, but the "ShowViewForRecord" call will only accept new forms. I've found that using the grdMyGrid.PopupMenu.Items(0).Click method will work like a charm, but ONLY if the user right-clicked on the grid at some point after the form was loaded. Otherwise you get an "array index out of bounds" error because apprently the Items collection is empty until the user right-clicks for the first time. Without any doc I can't figure out how to get the grid to initialize its PopupMenu.

Yes, it's nice to be back to full-blown VBscript, but you have to admit there was a certain appeal to a simple function call:

dbGridAddItem "grdMyGrid"

Sigh. Those were the days, eh?

Author: Robert F. Guiher - 11/15/2005


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