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Comment: Re: Leveraging .NET in SalesLogix (Applies to any version)
Ryan - My WniZip v 11 abends when I try to download the sample code. Is it possible your .zip file is corrupted? Below is the start of the WinZip dump diagnostics. I will send the complete dumpt to their support and see what they say.

WinZip Error Report Log

To help solve this problem, please send this file by e-mail to support@winzip.com

Please include as detailed as possible a description of what you were doing before the problem occurred, so we can try to reproduce
the problem here. In particular, please tell us what steps led to the problem, and whether it occurs always or sometimes after these
steps are followed.

Thank you

WinZip internal error in file WzMenu.c line 305

about: 00405172
output_context_info: 00428f45

WZDLL: unzip(): 20039240
IBSDLL: IBSIsDownload(): 00000000
Return address = 0042a7a0
Return address = 004e6c30
Return address = 00457c6e
Return address = 004cbdc1
Return address = 004cd050
Return address = 004cd0cb
Return address = 004fba06
Return address = 7c817077
Return address = 00000000

Windows XP Professional 5.1 build 2600 Service Pack 3
Current date/time: 8/26/2009 2:10 PM
WinZip(R) Pro 11.0 (7313) compiled: Nov 10 2006


Author: Brads99 - 8/26/2009


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