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Comment: Re: SalesLogix Web Services Toolkit
Thanks Ryan - I'm still new to this so the profiler is a good idea.

Since my last last post actually, the connection seems to not work - "Failed to connect to SLXServer. Check if server is running and is compatible with the current provider version". I logged into the server using the SLX client installed on it - so that's not the issue. Back to square one!

Author: Ken - 3/12/2010

Comment: Re: SalesLogix Web Services Toolkit
Thanks a lot for this Ryan - it's pretty helpful.

I couldn't connect using the SLXNetwork.1 provider, but am able to connect using the SLXOLEDB.1 one. I'm not sure if there's any fuctionality lost using one provider over the other.

I'm trying to create a web service to import Leads via HHTP POST. I was wondering if aside from creating a record each in the LEAD, and LEAD_ADDRESS tables, whether there are other insertions/updates that would need to occur for a Lead to be created.


Author: Ken - 3/12/2010


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