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Comment: Re: E1 User Audit
I have successfully loaded the bundle, but I am getting an error when I try to use it. I select Tools>Manage>User Audit and get this error: 'Included Script: SYSTEM: EXPORT_GRID_RS_TO_EXCEL, is missing'. I have searched my database and I do not have this script installed. I am on version Is this a standard script? I recently inherited this system, so I do not know what may have been deleted or modified in the past. I don't necessarily need to export to Excel, if there is a way to skip this and just view it onscreen that would be adequate. *Note* - I am not a VB programmer...yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated, but feel free to 'dumb it down' if you can. Thanks!

Author: Troy Dawson - 10/27/2006


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