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Comment: Re: Generating Table IDs in T-SQL - Version 2

hello Jason, 

thanks for the great article.  I think I have the code and the SP working ok , but how can I capture the output?  When calling 

declare @NEXTID varchar(10)

exec Saleslogix_demo.dbo.usp_GetNextSLX_ID 'Salesorder', @NextID OUTPUT

I do get the next id to the console but I want to use that id in something like 

declare @NEXTID varchar(10)

exec Saleslogix_demo.dbo.usp_GetNextSLX_ID 'Salesorder', @NextID OUTPUT

insert into Saleslogix_demo.sysdba.SALESORDER 

           (salesorderid,ACCOUNTID,..yada yada )

SELECT    @NEXTID,...ect

from salesales order 


thanks much





Author: Mark Hallberg - 2/28/2012


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