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Mike Mahoney
Five Point Capital

I'm a former BP that is now the IT manager for a high-growth leasing firm in San Diego. We run a highly customized SLX v6.2 in house.

I've been involved with CRM analysis and design for over 15 years, with stints of being the corporate trainer and tech support manager for TeleMagic, owning my own TeleMagic reseller business, and then being BP for SLX, TeleMagic, and ACT! While I miss some of the aspects of being a BP, I don't miss the odd hours and the driving. What I do miss is the comradery of going to the BP conference and meeting all my fellow developers.

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Comment: Re: How to Launch a Contact Process via Script - Sample Code
Outstanding, and timely. This script solves a whole bunch of issues for me that I had to work-around (or "fudge") when using Application.BasicFunctions.StartContactProcess. We didn't want the users to be given a choice on whether this person should or should not go into the initial drip campaign (contact process). Thanks guys for this elegant resolution.

Author: Mike Mahoney - 9/15/2006


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