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I enjoy the heat and sweat from a basketball game and .NET technology

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Comment: E1 User Audit
Thanks a lot Mike, It's really ease up my work.
I strongly believe that this kind of logging should be implemented in SalesLogix out of the box.
Are there any intention on including this feature in the next version of SalesLogix ?


Author: Dhany - 4/22/2006

Comment: Re: Oracle Problem
After some trial and error and a lot help from Google, this is how to workaround this issue.
1. Edit the registry value of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ORACLE\OLEDB\DistribTX to 0.
By default this value will be set to True (1). Some articles mention about setting the property in the connection string, right when you're about to begin a new connection. But since I don't know where to change the OLE DB Connection string in SalesLogix OLEDB Provider, I think modifying the registry would be the best way. Any help on this issue is welcomed.

2. Restart your Saleslogix OLEDB Provider :)
I spent almost two hours figuring this out until I realize that the Saleslogix OLEDB Provider has to be restarted before the change in the registry can be effevtive. You can do this by simply restart the service in your Service MMC.

And voila... your table and your fields from DBLINK appears in the Manage Database...:)
Hope this help,


Author: Dhany - 8/13/2003

Comment: Oracle Problem
I've tried the above example on Saleslogix 6.1 and Oracle 8.1.7
Here are the steps I took :
1. Create a DBLINK to another database on another server
2. Create a view that warp up a table in the DBLINK
3. Alter the OA_TABLES view query to include my newly created view as a TABLE instead of VIEW
4. Add a record to RESYNCTABLEDEFS table to point to my view.

- I was successfully query the view in SQL Plus
- The View registered successfully in OA_TABLES as a TABLE
- My newly created view appears as a table in SalesLogix Manage Database screen

The problem is : I cannot see any field in my table !! (either from Manage Database, or manage Join)
And since i cannot see the field, i cannot make any Data Form based on that table.

Any help to overcome this trouble is really appreciated.



Author: Dhany - 8/13/2003


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