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  Timmus Agersea
(SalesLogix Business Partner)
Customer Systems, Inc

I worked for SalesLogix (Sage, Best Software, whatever ) for five years and I have been a business partner for two years now (now being May 2006).

I am a SalesLogix and Microsoft proponent. I think SalesLogix, SQL Server, and Visual Studio are great products.

I also am a musician who betrays his passion by spending time making money on this geek machine. If only capitalism was driven by doing what we want rather than doing what we can . In all honesty, I do enjoy working with technology but I would much rather be on stage.

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Comment: Re: SQL Profile Template
The SLX Profiler does not capture other applications hitting the database, SQL Triggers, etc. It only captures queries passed through the local machine's SLX OLEDB Provider. If you are trying to track down ALL the statements that are hitting the database you will need to use SQL Profiler.

And of course SQL Profiler works on earlier versions :).


Author: Timmus Agersea - 10/17/2006

Comment: You should be able to access forms via their name
You no longer need to loop through the collection to find your form. You can access it as Ryan has outlined, via the name:
Application.Forms("System:Account Detail").txtAccount.Text = "New Account Name"
I apologize that I dont know what version it was fixed, but it does work on the current version

Author: Timmus Agersea - 9/9/2003


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