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Binu James
(SalesLogix Business Partner)

I have been doing SLX Dev for about 3 years now.

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Comment: Re: Creating DataGrid Columns at Runtime
Yep, I didn't have any base table for the grid. Works like a charm now...Thank you very much for your help, this will make my life a lot easier...

Author: Binu James - 7/19/2006

Comment: Re: Creating DataGrid Columns at Runtime
Ryan - How do you assign a primary key to the recordset. I have multiple ID fields in the query I use to populate the grid dynamically. Am I being a bone-head and missing the obvious? Thanks for you help.

Author: Binu James - 7/19/2006

Comment: How do we get the a field value when the grid is multiselect
x = grid.selection.item(i) always returns nothing

Author: Binu James - 7/18/2006

Comment: Setting Column Width
This is great! I created a Lookup View for every key field in our database just by adding couple extra lines to your code. Is it possible to set the column width, say I want 1st column to be 100 px and second column to be 30 px etc. ? Also where do you find references for the fields collection etc ?

Author: Binu James - 3/25/2004


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