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  Stephen Redmond
(SalesLogix Business Partner)
Capricorn Ventis Ltd.

Author of the excellent DevLogix - A Guide to SalesLogix Development (now in 5th edition).

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Comment: Re: Customizing SalesLogix with ASP.NET Applications
The "latest" Cassini for .NET 2.0 is available from this Blog: http://blogs.msdn.com/dmitryr/archive/2006/03/09/548131.aspx

There is a "productized" version of Cassini, for both .NET 1.1 and 2.0, available from UtilDev - http://www.ultidev.com/download/


Author: Stephen Redmond - 1/1/2008

Comment: Re: How to Push out "Pass Through" SQL to Remotes
An interesting tack. Here is another suggestion, using the SalesLogix provider:


Try it and see. It definitely works on the server and I can only assume that it will sync to remotes.

One caveat about creating views like this - they break security. Accessing data via a view will give users access to all the data in that view - even if it belongs to another team. Even if the SECCODEID is included in the view appears to make no difference.


Author: Stephen Redmond - 1/26/2006

Comment: Re: Total Control Lookups
Does TypeName work for you? It should return "Link" if a valid object is returned.


Author: Stephen Redmond - 10/31/2005

Comment: Re: How to update Data with Updateable RecordSets
I absolutely agree with this line of thinking about inserting data using the recordset object rather than using a generated SQL insert statement. I agree mainly for the same reasons as I prefered the DBInsert-DBSetValue-DBPost in Legacy code, it makes the code much more readable.

There is one exception where you might consider using a derived insert query and that might be when using a prepared query with a Command object with parameters to insert a large amount of data (from an import for example). It is probable that using the prepared query will improve the speed of execution.

Other than that, always go with the recordset method. Anyone who argues that:

rs.Fields("MODIFYDATE").Value = Now

Is less readable than:

"UPDATE TABLE SET MODIFYDATE = '" & Application.BasicFunctions.DateToISO(Now) & "' "

is barking!


Author: Stephen Redmond - 10/30/2005

Comment: Re: Total Control Lookups

DevLogix III has just been released - www.cafepress.com/DevLogixShop

It is entirely based on the new 6.x technology. If anyone wants the Legacy stuff, there is a legacy book available in the shop.


Author: Stephen Redmond - 10/28/2005

Comment: Re: Customizing SalesLogix with ASP.NET Applications
Very valid comments Rick - but I would put them in the "things to be aware of during implementation" rather than "reasons not to consider the technology".

The window.open issue is not such a biggie because it can easily circumvented - most user do have control over their popup blockers and for those that don't, it can be easily added into the system policies by administrators.

If you open your windows as dialogs, the user does not get to see the URL (or do things such as Ctrl-N) to hack it out. If you are calling the code from within SalesLogix, you can present it using a Browser control on a form and the user, again, does not see the URL.

There are lots of things such as these to consider in a real implementation - not least of which is ensuring that your code can't suffer from SQL injection attacks. However, this article is really meant to introduce the concept and is not meant at as a complete planning and implementation guide (now there is a book idea!)


Author: Stephen Redmond - 10/12/2005

Comment: Re: Great info
Thanks Ryan.

I've known about this for about 3 years! Unfortunately it just wouldn't work in v4.


Author: Stephen Redmond - 6/17/2003


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