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  Rick Smith
Promega Corporation

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Rick Smith is the Director of eBusiness/CRM for Promega Corporation, a life-sciences company based in Madison, WI USA with >250 SalesLogix users worldwide.

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Comment: Re: Customizing SalesLogix with ASP.NET Applications
I don't work with the web client, but I do work with ASP.NET quite a bit. It seems risky to pass the UserID in the querystring and use a generic OleDb connection since the savvy user could edit the UserID in the resulting browser window's Address bar. Essentially it enables someone to impersonate any user even if they don't have the necessary security.
Also, some pop-up blockers will prevent the window.open command from firing, so this approach should be limited to a user base that has control over their browser settings.

Author: Rick Smith - 10/12/2005


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