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Jonathan B. Owen
(SalesLogix Business Partner)

Saleslogix developer / trainer. 20+ years development experience, including OOA/OOD/OOP/Java. Excited about using OT with SLX 6.x using classes.

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Comment: Re: How to generically invoke the edit form for a SalesLogix datagrid
Thanks Ryan. I was suspecting that, but in the back of my mind was hoping to be wrong. At least I know where I stand. The API does leave much to be desired!

Author: Jonathan B. Owen - 3/22/2005

Comment: Re: How to generically invoke the edit form for a SalesLogix datagrid
How about when the client asks for a "DELETE" button to be equivilant to the right-click Delete option? Is there a way to tell the datagrid to delete the currently selected row (after prompting the user for confirmation)? The other option would be to query the datagrid for the currentID and then execute a Delete statement. The latter is much less desireable...

Author: Jonathan B. Owen - 3/22/2005

Comment: Re: The Myths and Legends of Prepared Queries
I am in the process of developing an external (VBS based) app for a client. I was wondering if prepared statements are supported in SLX 6.1 provider. I just gave it a shot and received an error stating that the ADO CMD object does not support the "Paramters" property. Not sure if this is because the provider needs the app to do CreateParameter() on its own, or whether prepared statements are simply not supported at all.

Any concrete information if any support exists or not for SLX 6.1?

Author: Jonathan B. Owen - 7/29/2004


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