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Comment: Re: Understanding the SalesLogix 6.2 Connection String
does it support command paramaters from within .net? i can only find examples that use adodb via com interop in .net. i would like to do it natively throuhg the oledbcommand.parameters.add but this only generates an empty exception when trying to run this. if this is possible, anyone have an example? or must i only go through adodb or not use sql params and have it all inline? thanks.

Author: JM - 4/11/2005

Comment: Re: .NET SlgxApi.dll Managed Wrapper
Can you give me a few examples of when you chose to use .net over a vbscript plugin? maybe a couple different examples so i can get an idea of the types of development you do in .net. thanks.

Author: JM - 11/16/2004

Comment: Re: .NET SlgxApi.dll Managed Wrapper
I have been using asp.net c# since beta 1, and slx 6.2 for only a few months. I am confused out the concept of using .net within slx. To me, it seems that you are not leveraging the natural environment of slx for development. Using .net, now you have extra code to deploy to clients, multiple environments to maintain, etc. Can you give me some justifications/bennefits of using .net within slx, and how it outweighs the issues mentioned above?

Author: JM - 11/16/2004


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